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07 de January de 2014
There are no translations available. Carnicería Ramirás comienza este 2014 celebrando su "30 ANIVERSARIO".  Lo primero es agradecerle a todos...
Welcome to "www.carniceriaramiras.es"
21 de September de 2012
Welcome to
Aware of the changing needs and demands of our customers, we welcome you to our recent web. But the company's turnover goes far beyond, we are developing...
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Large selection of products, where you can find a wide variety of canned, frozen products plus 1 st quality, seasonal products, conjugated with staples.

You may find what you need, according to the classification which is then broken down.

      • 1 Staples

◦ Yoghurt
◦ Whole milk, semi-skimmed and skimmed
◦ Variety of canned
◦ Vinegar
◦ natural Membrillo
◦ spicy and sweet barbecue sauces
◦ Great assortment of salted
◦ Breadcrumbs
◦ ...


      • Frozen

◦ Octopus supreme quality (tails wrapped individually)
◦ Whole Hake
◦ peeled Gamba
◦ Vieira clean, half or whole shell
◦ crab sticks
◦ Preparation of paella
◦ fillets of sole
◦ Peas
◦ ...

       • Seasonal Products

◦ Natural Gut or plastic for all types of sausages
◦ Hilo tied sausages
◦ Spices  making sausage: chorizo, chorizo Revilla, sausage, ...
◦ Salvajamones
◦ ...Otros