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07 de January de 2014
There are no translations available. Carnicería Ramirás comienza este 2014 celebrando su "30 ANIVERSARIO".  Lo primero es agradecerle a todos...
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21 de September de 2012
Welcome to
Aware of the changing needs and demands of our customers, we welcome you to our recent web. But the company's turnover goes far beyond, we are developing...
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A unique product which, thanks to our geographical location, allowing personnel to be selected by the company, on family farms located in the most priviliged mountains of Galicia.

By which, you get to offer you all a product of great value for the most discriminating palates with a value for money excellent.

cabrito The goat meat is available from it is for the younger species of goats, which is known as "kid meat" by the age and animal feed, fed exclusively on milk, is a tender and tasty meat.

The kid meat is so juicy, thanks to its fat content, namely 7% and it is very easy to remove before or after cooking, as it accumulates around the gut and under the skin.