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07 de January de 2014
There are no translations available. Carnicería Ramirás comienza este 2014 celebrando su "30 ANIVERSARIO".  Lo primero es agradecerle a todos...
Welcome to "www.carniceriaramiras.es"
21 de September de 2012
Welcome to
Aware of the changing needs and demands of our customers, we welcome you to our recent web. But the company's turnover goes far beyond, we are developing...
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CARNICERÍA RAMIRÁS is a family business specializing in retail meat products and derivatives. Since 1983 we offer our customers the best selection of meat products in Galicia, based on a unique and exceptional quality of them. Always the best.

We are professionals and that is the best guarantee that our products always come home to an optimal state of freshness and preparation adapted to each of you.

Dealing with our customers is always direct and personal. We adapt to you and your tastes. Our goal is to create a lasting relationship with our customers and this is only achieved by offering quality and service. Hence our motto: "Quality and service is our best guarantee."

Fruit of the effort and enthusiasm in the trade, Carnicería Ramirás has been modernizing and expanding its facilities within the village of Celanova, until it now one of the most modern and innovative in selling fresh meat and meat preparations.

Our reason for being is to provide a wide range of meat exclusive of the highest quality. In the more than 8 meters of exhibitor, we prepare every day for you, a selection of beef, pork and lamb as well as a variety of meat products.

Aware of the changing needs and demands of our customers recently had a makeover, but the company's money goes much further, as we are developing several projects that have a common goal: to make our customers feel exclusive and fully satisfied with our service.