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07 de January de 2014
There are no translations available. Carnicería Ramirás comienza este 2014 celebrando su "30 ANIVERSARIO".  Lo primero es agradecerle a todos...
Welcome to "www.carniceriaramiras.es"
21 de September de 2012
Welcome to
Aware of the changing needs and demands of our customers, we welcome you to our recent web. But the company's turnover goes far beyond, we are developing...
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Our final products are based on a long process, whose origin is the best raw materials. These processes are the most stringent quality standing in each of its phases.

 How could it be otherwise, for food, work with the extended concept of traceability. The information of each of our products reach our customers in a clear and transparent.


You can enjoy a wide selection of freshly prepared and guarantee the highest quality, that will save time in the kitchen. We produce a wide variety of handmade traditional preparations, always looking for the taste, for which we use the best ingredients, combining well to get a top quality product.