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07 de January de 2014
There are no translations available. Carnicería Ramirás comienza este 2014 celebrando su "30 ANIVERSARIO".  Lo primero es agradecerle a todos...
Welcome to "www.carniceriaramiras.es"
21 de September de 2012
Welcome to
Aware of the changing needs and demands of our customers, we welcome you to our recent web. But the company's turnover goes far beyond, we are developing...
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Here Are some interesting facts about Joomla!

  • Over 210.000 active registered Users on the Official Joomla! community forum and more on The Many international community sites.
    • over 1,000,000 posts in over 200.000 topics
    • over 1,200 posts per day
    • growing at 150 new Participants Each Day!
  • 1168 Projects on the JoomlaCode ( joomlacode.org ). All for open source addons by third party developers.
    • Well over 6,000,000 downloads of Joomla! Since the migration to JoomlaCode in March 2007.
  • Nearly 4.000 extensions for Joomla! Have Been registered on the Joomla! Extension Directory
  • Joomla.org Exceeds 2 TB of traffic per month!